Unleashing New Opportunities: The Path Forward for your Veterinary Practice

June 9, 2020 5pm EDT / 9pm GMT


Dr. John Martin
CMO, Butterfly Network Inc.
United States


James Sturzione DVM, MBS
Small animal veterinarian at a Banfield Pet Hospital in the Lower Hudson River Valley of NY.
United States
Richard Markell DVM, MRCVS, MBA
Director of Strategy Butterfly Network – Veterinary
United States
Jennifer Welser ,DVM, DACVO
Chief Medical Officer at Mars -Veterinary Health
United States
Carl B. King Dean of Veterinary Medicine at College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, Texas A&M University
United States
Mike Pownall, DVM, MBA
Partner at Oculus Insights- Practice Management and Consulting
United States

Dr. Richard Markell will be leading a discussion with veterinary thought leaders on the state of veterinary medicine and a path forward.  Looking ahead, the veterinary community faces new challenges as well as unique opportunities.  The role of technology and telemedicine, for example, has evolved during the COVID-19 pandemic and has potential to shape veterinary medicine in the future.  In our first veterinary-focused edition of a continued series of webinars, we will bring together experts to share their insights and experience and to debate the relevant topics.

Join this webinar and hear industry experts discuss the path forward for veterinary practice. 

Potential topics for discussion include:

  • One Health: What has society learned about the relationship between human and animal health during COVID-19?
  • The Path Forward: How will the changed working conditions have long-term impacts on veterinary practices?
  • Technology and Telehealth: What have we learned and how can we move forward to improve access to patients? 
  • Pet Care: How can we ensure pets receive essential preventative care during challenging economic situations? 

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