The future of ultrasound for MSK.

A single-probe ultrasound for whole-body assessment that plugs into your compatible smart device, and fits in your pocket. Butterfly iQ+ is built for immediate MSK diagnostic evaluations and procedural guidance whenever you need it.

Transforming care.

Butterfly iQ+ for swift interventions, expedited care, and improved patient confidence.

Pain management.

Butterfly iQ+ helps you guide nerve blocks, regenerative procedures and PRP injections with precision, allowing you to build trust with your patients.

Guide procedures with precision, and engage your patients with real-time images.

Butterfly iQ+ supports precision guidance for in-office pain management procedures, with high-fidelity B-mode, the world’s first POCUS Biplane Imaging™ and Needle Viz™ technology.

This helps reassure your patients that their high-cost injectates, such as stem cells or PRP, are introduced more directly than with so-called “blind” injections.¹

Sports orthopedic clinic.

From support of needle guidance, onboard training materials and direct-to-patient secure image-sharing capabilities, Butterfly iQ+ helps you provide comprehensive, holistic care.

Provide comprehensive, holistic care within your clinic.

Ultrasound assessment with Butterfly iQ+ can help you rapidly identify the cause of pain, facilitating early therapeutic intervention. Avoid lost revenue from procedure send-out and, more importantly, provide cutting-edge, comprehensive care that’ll build trust and prestige at your clinic.

Foot and ankle clinic.

Butterfly iQ+ helps you confirm clinical suspicion, begin treatment at your patient’s first visit, and maximize satisfaction.

Keep interventions in-office and maximize patient confidence.

Plantar fasciitis is the most common cause of heel pain presenting in the outpatient setting.² This condition is not only detectable with point-of-care ultrasound with quantifiable metrics, it facilitates decisions around intervention. POCUS can actively inform decisions and engage patients in empowering conversations comparing surgical and conservative interventions. It also allows you to quantitatively track treatment over time, maximizing patient confidence.

Free resources

MSK educational resources.


Introduction to MSK Ultrasound.

This course from Butterfly focuses on the role of ultrasound in your management of fracture, dislocation, joint effusion and tendon rupture.


MSK Reimbursement Guide.

This guide outlines potential pathways for you to apply for reimbursement for exams completed using Butterfly iQ+.*

“Point-of-care ultrasound is cost-effective, easy to learn, and can be rapidly performed by a physician on the sideline. Butterfly iQ+ is immediately accessible for fast investigation of athletes with a suspected fractures and soft tissue injuries, and can accurately determine who can be managed conservatively versus those who require expedited care”

– Courtney Hintz, MD

Sports Medicine Physician | Medical Director Special Warfare Operational Medicine Squadron JBSA-Lackland, Chapman Training Annex

– Emily Miller, MD

Assistant Clinical Professor | UCLA Division of Sports Medicine Depts. Of Family Medicine & Orthopaedics Assistant Team Physician | UCLA Athletics

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Bring your ‘A’ game with Butterfly Education.


Clinical evidence.


How to successfully deploy POCUS in your Sports Medicine practice.

Jacques Courseault, MD, CAQSM
Andre Labbe, PT, MOMT
Alexandra Moran, MS, LAT, ATC

Read article

Case study

Point-of-care ultrasound: a sideline game-changer. Ultrasound for diagnosis of occult radial head fracture.

Courtney Hintz, MD, Maj.USAF, MC, FS
Emily Miller, MD

Read article

Original research

Sideline Power Doppler ultrasonography in early diagnosis and management of ACL injury in athletes.

C Cash Duncan, BS
Brandon Cazaubon, MS, ATC, LAT
Jacques Courseault, MD, CAQSM

Read article
MSK Ultrasound

Garry W.K. Ho, MD.

Dr. Garry Ho shares how ultrasound is a game-changer for diagnoses of musculoskeletal injuries as well as guided procedures.

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