Focused cardiac exams to help detect tamponade. Heart, lung and PVD assessment. Anytime, anywhere.

An integrated imaging solution that supports fast, appropriate transfer of cardiac care — and never leaves your side.

We’ve joined forces with the American College of Cardiology to support innovative cardiovascular care.

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Perform a rapid TTE.

Focused bedside rapid TTE is designed to enhance the cardiologist’s physical exam, and has been shown to detect significant cardiovascular pathology which directly impacts perioperative management1. It is not a replacement for a full echo.

Demonstration of LV function, volume status and valve dynamics are examples of impactful, straightforward findings that can be uncovered by the cardiologist at the bedside typically in less than a minute2.

Identify frequent cardiovascular diseases.

Ultrasound can play an important role in identifying peripheral arterial disease, carotid stenosis, and acute vascular abnormalities such as AAA. Butterfly iQ+ is designed to augment the clinical exam and is available at the bedside.

This allows quick and easy incorporation into the clinical exam. It also enhances accessibility of ultrasound assessment for fluid tolerance, for example.

Quickly assess pulmonary involvement.

Lung ultrasound can help detection, semi-quantification and monitoring of extravascular lung fluid, in the differential diagnosis of dyspnea, and in the prognostic stratification of chronic heart failure and acute coronary syndromes3.

With a dedicated preset optimized for B-line detection, and a real-time Lung Protocol feature, Butterfly iQ+ gives clinicians the ability to quickly assess lung status by the bedside.

"The ACC will work in sync with Butterfly to help guide the scientific evaluation and clinical integration of point-of-care ultrasound in the management of cardiovascular conditions. By directly linking the technology and clinical worlds – the ACC aims to transform cardiovascular care and improve health outcomes."

– John S. Rumsfeld, MD, PhD, FACC

ACC's Chief Science and Chief Innovation Officer


Clinical evidence.

Rapid TTE and COVID-19.

Point-of-care ultrasound has been recognized by the American Society of Echocardiography as a frontline tool in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lung ultrasound: a new tool for the cardiologist.

Lung ultrasound can help support prognostic stratification of CHF and acute coronary syndromes.

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The future of ultrasound is here.

Longer battery life, more durability1

Enables you to focus more on patients and less on probe integrity and readiness.

Smaller probe face2

Allows you to get the views you need to perform FAST exams, intercostal cardiac assessment and other exams where access is needed in tight spaces.

Sharp cardiac & lung imaging3

Butterfly Cloud enables you to comment, start conversations, and text colleagues de-identified links, so you can get help when you need it.

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