Whole-body imaging. Support bladder care and guide PIV insertion—anytime, anywhere.

Empower bedside nursing decisions with an integrated imaging solution that never leaves your side.

Improve guidance for challenging PIV access.

With new Needle Viz™ technology, Butterfly iQ+ makes it even easier to identify the needle for the control necessary for difficult placements. And now, with the world’s first POCUS Biplane Imaging™, cannulation can be guided in the short and long axis simultaneously. Designed to help accuracy and control, these technologies can help not only find a good vein but support successful guidance of PIV access into it.

As many as 60% of all patients, and 1 of every 2 patients in acute care1 have difficult PIV access. The use of ultrasound is starting to appear in standards of nursing practice to help promote successful2 insertion of vascular devices in these cases, known to be associated with high-risk for complications3.

Auto Bladder Volume calculation* in seconds.

The ability to measure bladder volume at the bedside has been shown4 to assist in the evaluation and treatment of post-operative urinary retention and help prevent catheter-associated urinary tract infections.5 In seconds, iQ+ acquires a 3D sweep, auto-calculates, and renders the bladder volume in three dimensions.

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Predict delivery date using Butterfly iQ+.6

The ability to perform biophysical profile, check for FHM and AFI has now been supplemented by the newly-introduced Crown Rump Length (CRL) calculation. This anticipated feature allows early dating, which is critical to predict EDD and coordinate care accordingly.

Evaluate your patient’s lung quickly.

Lung ultrasound can help rapidly and accurately identify many of the common causes of dyspnea, including lung lesions consistent with COVID-19. With imaging that auto-optimizes with depth, the ability to assess A lines, B lines and pleural lining in one sweep is now possible by Butterfly iQ+.

“The Butterfly Auto Bladder feature gives me the information I need to help guide important catheterization decisions, which can directly impact decisions regarding secondary care admission and patient discharge orders.”

– Harriet Howgill

Acute Medicine RN
The Royal Berkshire Hospital UK


Clinical evidence.

The Journal of the Association for Vascular Access

The use of ultrasound is now widely accepted to promote safe and accurate insertion of vascular devices, and is supported by many professional organizations for vascular access procedures.
Timothy R. Spencer, DipAppSc, BHSc, ICCert, RN, APRN, VA-BC™; Amy Bardin-Spencer, EdD(c), MSc, RRT, VA-BC™

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The Journal of Clinical Nursing

Meta-analysis concluding that the use of the ultrasound bladder scanner reduces unnecessary catheterizations and therefore the risk of urinary tract infection associated with catheterization, therefore reducing patient discomfort, costs, and days of hospitalization associated with urinary tract infection associated with catheterization.

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Benefits of POCUS for vascular access management

Want to learn more? Watch our webinar on the importance of vascular access management for hospitalized patients, with a focus on how COVID-19 has impacted patient care.

POCUS in Nursing

Patrick McKinney, RN

A discussion with a trauma resuscitation nurse about his experience with POCUS in the Emergency Room, predominantly for pulse detection during CPR, quick answers during rapid patient decline and for guidance of technically challenging procedures, such as PIV and A-line insertion.

The future of ultrasound is here.

Auto Bladder Calculation.

Get automated bladder volume calculations with 3D visualization in seconds to help make decisions more quickly.

New Biplane Imaging™ mode and Needle Viz™ technology.

Makes it easier to identify the needle and get the control needed for difficult peripheral vascular access. It is now possible to see the short and long axis of the needle in real-time, during joint injections, soft tissue interventions, PIV and more.

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