The Journal of Urology

Can POCUS reliably measure transabdominal prostate volume?

This prospective study from the Cleveland Clinic demonstrated that, compared to guideline imaging, Butterfly had good reliability for PGV, particularly when compared to Clarius C3.

POCUS Journal

Role of Cardiac POCUS in Dyspnea

A real-life example of an acutely dyspneic patient in which standard evaluation failed to elucidate the etiology.

Pre Hospital and Disaster Medicine

POCUS use in EMS for cardiac arrest

This study showed paramedics were able to accurately obtain and interpret cardiac POCUS during medical OHCA.These findings suggest that POCUS can be effectively integrated into paramedic protocols.

Annals of Internal Medicine

Predicting Central Venous Congestion

Butterfly iQ+ demonstrates accuracy and reproducibility in the evaluation of central venous congestion, key in the care of HF.

Critical Care Explorations

Biplane Imaging supports POCUS novices

Biplane Imaging resulted in faster, more successful, and safer peripheral IV access than the standard single-plane transverse approach when performed by POCUS novices.

American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology

The Quality of Handheld Devices for OB/GYN

Butterfly iQ+ proves correlative to cart-based ultrasound machines in obstetrics.

Journal Article

A novel ultrasound program for medical students

A student-designed and led curriculum focused on providing meaningful ultrasound opportunities to medical students, with the use of Butterfly technology, is described.

Journal Article

Bilateral Subcutaneous Lipomas: The Potential of POCUS in Dermatology

A case demonstrating the value of Butterfly iQ as a standard tool in dermatology.

Technology in Medicine

Use of Handheld Ultrasound Devices in Emergency Medicine

A third-party overview and comparison of hand-held POCUS devices in Emergency Medicine.

European Journal of Ultrasound

TeleGuidance in Med Ed

A study showing pilot feasibility for the introduction of teleguidance for point-of-care ultrasound training.

POCUS Journal

Detection of Early Cardiac Tamponade with Butterfly iQ+

This case illustrates the ability of POCUS as a tool to help the clinician hasten intervention for potentially life-threatening conditions, in this case prompting urgent intervention with pericardiocentesis.


Role of POCUS in inpatient COVID-19 detection

A Simplified Point-of-Care Lung Ultrasound Protocol to Detect Coronavirus Disease 2019 in Inpatients: A Prospective Observational Study

CHEST Journal

Refractory Hypoxemia Despite Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation

Point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) useful for confirming positioning for VV-ECMO catheters.

Western Journal of Emergency Medicine

A comparison of Butterfly iQ and a cart-based system for UHP

Ultrasound hypotension protocols (UHP) were performed significantly faster when using Butterfly iQ compared to a multiple transducer system, with no difference in the number of images deemed to be diagnostic quality.


A comparison of handheld ultrasound versus traditional ultrasound for RUSH

How good are the images from handheld ultrasound devices when compared to the cart‐based ultrasound machines? This study found that the time to acquire and image quality for interpretability were comparable between Philips Sparq and ButterflyiQ for performance of the RUSH protocol.

Western Journal of Emergency Medicine

Point-of-care Ultrasound in Morbidity and Mortality Cases in Emergency Medicine: Who Benefits the Most?

POCUS was felt to have the potential to reduce or prevent M&M in 45% of cases in which it was not used. Cardiac and Lung POCUS were among the most useful applications, especially in patients with cardiopulmonary complaints and in those with abnormal vital signs.


Biplane Imaging Using Portable Ultrasound Device for Vascular Access

First-hand report of POCUS Biplane Imaging used for difficult vascular access, to support first-past success, efficiency, safety, and sterility.

Ultrasound in Medicine & Biology

Ultrasound outperforms XR for neonatal pneumothorax

Lung ultrasound outperformed CXR for detecting neonatal pneumothorax in a recent review of 500+ newborns. Ultrasound achieved better sensitivity and specificity and took less time to perform. Based on the findings, the researchers recommended LUS as a first-line modality for diagnosing pneumothorax in this population.

Current Opinion in Nephrology and Hypertension

Point-of-care ultrasound in nephrology

The use of POCUS has grown tremendously with the introduction of innovative, easy-to-carry and maneuver hand-held devices. This review focuses on nephrology-centric applications of POCUS that can be incorporated on a daily basis to make impactful and prompt clinical decisions.

Journal of the American Geriatrics Society

Flattening POCUS learning curve.

A recent pilot trial showed that a short training course dramatically increased the confidence of geriatricians in their ability to use bedside ultrasound, and interpret images.

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Butterfly iQ Deployed in Drive-Through Prenatal Care.

In response to COVID-19, a drive-through prenatal care model was developed in which pregnant women would remain in their cars while being assessed by the health care professional, thus reducing potential patient, health care professional, and staff exposure to COVID-19.

Ultrasound in Medicine & Biology

Recent study shows a statistically significant correlation between portable-scanner findings and COVID-19 disease severity.

A study, published in Ultrasound in Medicine & Biology in September 2020, shows a statistically significant correlation between portable-scanner findings and disease severity, sensitivity, specificity and diagnostic accuracy in detecting mild, moderate and severe lung lesions associated with COVID-19.

Annals of Emergency Medicine

Powerful study showing the value of POCUS in COVID triage.

A study in Italy shows Butterfly iQ can improve diagnostic sensitivity to COVID, in conjunction with PCR and clinical assessment.

Emergency Medicine News

Emergency Medicine News review of Butterfly iQ.

A review of Butterfly iQ by the Director of Emergency Ultrasound at Louisiana State University, published in the Emergency Medicine News.

Anesthesia & Analgesia

Learnings from 2020. A Review of POCUS' Role in COVID-19.

A narrative review of the application of lung ultrasound's potential role in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Critical Care Explorations

TeleGuidance Proof of Concept.

Clinicians at Massachusetts General Hospital illustrate a proof of concept for teleguidance to maximize patient/provider safety.

Operative Techniques in Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery

The Role of POCUS in Perioperative Management of Glottic and Supraglottic Tumors.

Paper describing the use of POCUS in carcinoma of the larynx: assessment of tumor extent, displacement of normal anatomy and support of regional anesthesia for awake intubation.

Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery

Butterfly iQ in DIEP flap breast reconstruction.

With ultrasound, inferior abdominal vessels and their perforators can be localized, helping facilitate the gold standard DIEP flap procedure.

JAMA Cardiology

Time to Add a Fifth Pillar to Bedside Physical Examination.

With more publications in the top general medical and cardiology journals than any of the more than 42,000 authors, Dr. Braunwald et al speak to the critical value of POCUS in bedside assessment.

New England Journal of Medicine

Venous Thrombosis during Spaceflight.

Published in the New England Journal of Medicine, here is an account of a POCUS ultrasound-exam performed by an astronaut, guided in real-time and interpreted on Earth to guide treatment and follow-up to an in-flight mission partner.

Insights into Imaging

ESR statement on portable ultrasound devices.

The European Society of Radiology (ESR) recently made a formal Statement on the value of ButterflyiQ as a portable ultrasound device. It provides guidance on recommended use cases and clinical settings for whole body ultrasound at the point of care.

International Journal of Obstetric Anesthesia

Making the case to acquire a transthoracic echocardiogram probe.

The team at Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven discuss the role of ButterflyiQ in the complex environment of obstetrics. With high incidence of adult congenital heart disease and increased cardiovascular risk factors, they discuss the value and potentially improved maternal outcome of whole body POCUS in standard obstetric practice.


Endourology 2021

38th World Congress Of Endourology 2021

A prospective randomized trial by the Cleveland Clinic, showing Butterfly to be more accurate compared to a competitor, and the current standard of care, for bladder volume measurement.

AAFP 2019

One family medicine practice's experience with POCUS provides playbook insights.

A poster mapping the frequency of POCUS use as well as comparative ancillary tests in family medicine suggests support of investment in physician time and capital in Butterfly iQ is supported.

Anesthesiology 2019

Reducing PACU Admission Time with Butterfly iQ.

A Multicenter Prospective Observational Study showing a reduced PACU admission time from ButterflyiQ assessment of acute hypotension and hypoxia.

Patient Stories

Patient Stories

Case Study: Jack

Can Butterfly iQ+ help to reduce length of stay in the Emergency Room?
Patient Stories

Case Study: Jillian

Can Butterfly iQ+ help to expedite time to treatment?

Case study

POCUS in the context of COVID-19

A story of practical deployment

The Butterfly iQ+ Effect

A Rural Hospital Experience

POCUS and Optic Nerve Sheath Diameter

An Ongoing Study in Zambia.

The Use of Butterfly iQ+ in Sports Medicine

How point-of-care ultrasound supports clinical practice in primary care

Sound Decisions

A case study exploring the use of the Butterfly iQ+ in nursing care.

Automated Bladder Volume

A valuable tool to help guide treatment and intervention decisions at the bedside.

Butterfly iQ+ in Obstetric Anesthesia

The case for advanced ultrasound applications at the bedside in a specialty with increasingly diverse procedural demands.

Surprising Differentials Uncovered

A case for point-of-care ultrasound in tropical medicine, from Zambia

TeleGuidance for Point-of-Care Ultrasound

A Case for Widespread Adoption

COVID-19: Avoiding anchoring bias in the ER

Avoiding anchoring bias in the emergency room during the COVID-19 surge.

Getting Back in the Game

The role of POCUS in expediting care for musculoskeletal injuries

Saving Mothers Perspective

Use of Butterfly iQ During COVID-19 Pandemic in NYC

Sounding Out COVID-19 Pneumonitis by Lung POCUS

The Role of Lung POCUS in COVID-19

Point-of-care ultrasound: a sideline “game-changer”

Ultrasound for diagnosis of occult radial head fracture in a football athlete.

Point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) for the early detection of thoracic aortic dissection

Early use of POCUS helps early detection of a life threatening condition.

Frictionless Healthcare Delivery

The role of POCUS in our COVID-19 Emergency Room

The Need for Speed in the CVICU

The Role of POCUS for Acute Decompensation in Patients with Bi-Ventricular Impella ® Support

Life on Mars

How Butterfly iQ can support preparedness for public health disasters and Martian life.

Eliminating Bias

An illustrative example of the impact of POCUS in common patient presentations

The Power to Reveal Signs of Life

How Prehospital Ultrasound Can Reverse the Decision to Terminate Resuscitative Efforts.

Defining Moments

Why I Never Forget Point of Care Ultrasound in Hospital Medicine

Why I reach for iQ instead of my stethoscope.

How point of care ultrasound can expedite early accurate diagnosis for patients presenting to the Emergency Department with severe shortness of breath

Should a Preventable Condition Be a Life Sentence?

A story about how point of care ultrasound can expedite early detection for neonatal hip dysplasia, leading to reduced financial burden of surgery and a better quality of life for our kids.

Facilitating Value-Based Care

A story about how point of care ultrasound can provide immediate diagnoses, leading to expedited care.

The Role of Regional Anesthesia in Opioid Reduction

A story about how point of care ultrasound can help increase safety and comfort for surgical patients in the ambulatory and office setting.

Keeping Outpatients as Outpatients

A story about how point of care ultrasound can help facilitate care and save significant institutional costs in an age of increased illicit drug use.

Is Antibiotic Therapy the Best Course of Care?

A story about how ubiquitous point of care ultrasound could challenge the status quo in the care pathway of pediatric pneumonia.

Original Case Report

Sideline Power Doppler Ultrasonography in Early Diagnosis and Management of ACL Injury in Athletes

Clinicians can use Power Doppler to help quickly and effectively corroborate a diagnosis of ACL tear, common among athletes, to support the early recognition and treatment associated with better outcomes.

The Use of the Butterfly iQ to Measure Blood Flow After Cupping Therapy

Advancing Recovery Tools for Sports Performance


Butterfly Blueprint™ for Medical Education: The growing role of ultrasound.

Butterfly Network

Point-of-care Ultrasound in Sports Medicine

Jacques Courseault, MD, CAQSM,
Andre Labbe, PT, MOMT
Alexandra Moran, MS, LAT, ATC

Implementation of Butterfly iQ into EMS

Amanda Greene Toney MD
John Kendall MD

White papers

Auto Bladder Volume

A technical paper describing the clinical validation and utility of automated bladder volume at the bedside.

Technology & Security White Paper

The Butterfly Ecosystem is implemented using a secure DICOM-TLS connection.