A window into the body for every clinician.

Give every clinician a window into the body with enterprise-grade ultrasound solutions that scale.

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Shifting imaging upstream creates value.

Generate potential for net new revenue by increasing billable studies and reducing outpatient leakage points.

Enhance quality by decreasing risk and accelerate decision-making at scale.

Improve margins and cash flow by reducing capex on unnecessary equipment and reliance on non-billable inpatient studies.

Butterfly Enterprise ultrasound platform.

The world’s first whole-body imaging device and ultrasound platform built to scale.


Documentation on the go.

Streamline your workflow & increase your billable studies with customizable, mobile-friendly worksheets. Welcome to a new era of ultrasound governance tools built for your fast-moving teams.


Seamless integration.

Connect directly to your EMR, PACS and third-party ultrasound systems to centralize your imaging. Butterfly Enterprise makes it easy to connect all the systems you need to scale your point-of-care ultrasound workflow.


Analytics to measure team progress.

Track progress of your ultrasound program members quickly and easily, to reduce your administrative burden.


Ultrasound learning simplified.

Increase the adoption and responsible use of ultrasound with the Butterfly Education video learning platform. Clinicians can now learn point-of-care ultrasound in their own time, wherever they are.

A laptop with a Butterfly Cloud security screen

Enterprise-grade security controls.

Keep your patient data safe with HIPAA-compliant cloud storage, SSO, and EMM for device restriction and ultrasound fleet management. Get the enterprise-grade security and control tools you need to scale your point-of-care ultrasound fleet. 

Secure by design and privacy prioritized.

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Protected at rest.

Your data is AES 256-bit encrypted;
in the Butterfly Cloud and on the Butterfly iQ app.

Protected in transit.

Data in transit from the Butterfly iQ app to the Butterfly Cloud is protected by HTTPS, TLS 1.2 encryption.

Monitored and secure.

SOC II certification ensures access to your data is tightly monitored and secured.

Case studies.

“The Butterfly iQ devices have already given Atrium Health greater abilities in screening and monitoring COVID-19 patients by providing an immediate and clear picture of what’s happening in a patient’s lungs. But we see its benefit going well beyond the current pandemic.

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Dr. Rasu Shrestha, Atrium Health
"It's going to be a bold new future."
Dr. Rachel Liu, Yale University
"It's going to improve the treatment of patients."
Dr. Elias Jaffa, Global POCUS Partners
"Centralizing workflow has been a game changer."

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