Version 1.25
November 12, 2020

New Lung Protocol for streamlined lung ultrasound exams

The new Lung Protocol empowers comprehensive lung exams. Exclusively for Butterfly Pro and Enterprise members.

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Lung exams just got easier.

Our new Lung Protocol feature helps to streamline lung labeling, which can potentially increase efficiency during lung ultrasound exams and reduce the amount of time spent with each patient. Available in the Lung and Pediatric Lung presets, the new Lung Protocol provides segment-by-segment guidance and auto-import of lung zone labels

This can help increase rapidity during lung ultrasound exams and potentially reduce viral exposure, especially for COVID-19 triage programs. Read on to learn about how POCUS and Butterfly can help support COVID-19 triage efforts.

Getting started with Lung Protocol in the Butterfly iQ app.

Scanning the first lung segment.

Open the Butterfly iQ app and select the Lung or Pediatric Lung preset. Select Lung Protocol under the Actions menu. Tap any lung zone to initiate scanning.

Capture and label.

Scan in real-time, then Capture a cine or Freeze to capture a still image. A label for the lung zone you selected will automatically appear and be added to your capture(s). 

Scanning a second lung segment.

Unfreeze to return to the picker screen, then tap any lung zone to continue scanning. If you’d like to switch zones, tap the label and then tap the Pencil icon to select a different zone.

Document and upload your study.

Once you’ve captured all desired lung zone(s), tap the Capture Reel to complete your study. Add patient details, worksheets, notes, and more. You can upload as a draft or finalized study.