App Version 2.0
March 23, 2021

Making the app even easier to use

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At Butterfly, we know that bringing game-changing innovations to medical imaging is a collaborative effort between us and the tens of thousands of practitioners who use our products. With those practitioners in mind, we’ve updated the Butterfly iQ app to streamline navigation, educational content and team collaboration.

5-tab navigation.

Since the initial launch of the Butterfly app two years ago, we’ve added many new features that bolster all aspects of the user experience. Now, we’ve refined the app’s organizational structure to help make these features easier to access.

Version 2.0 introduces a 5-tab navigation bar that prominently and permanently sits at the bottom of your screen. Access all the app’s tabs quickly with a single touch—and more importantly, a single hand.

Accessible education.

Education is at the core of the Butterfly experience: the more you learn about iQ+’s unique features, the more you can put them to use to help your patients. With this update, we’ve introduced a mobile-first, streamlined education hub that helps you find the right tutorial at the right time.

Tap the ‘Education’ icon in the navigation bar (second from the left) to explore our tutorial playlists, organized by clinical application. Find an application that’s relevant to you, and start learning. It’s that simple.

Collaborate with confidence.

The full power of Butterfly is realized when the information practitioners collect is used collaboratively, in real time. It’s imperative that communications between teammates don’t get lost in the shuffle.

The new ‘Notifications’ tab simplifies workflows by displaying all notifications from your selected organization. Each tag, comment and attestation request will be waiting in the ‘Notifications’ center, highlighted in blue until read. We even added an ‘Unread’ counter to ensure no communications slip through the cracks.

Butterfly iQ+ is not available in Canada.