Join Butterfly at PCC and AMDIS.

Harness the power of ultrasound at scale with Butterfly Blueprint™ — a system-wide ultrasound platform, integrated seamlessly into your clinical and administrative infrastructure.
June 14 - 17, 2022
Ojai, California
Coming to the 31st Annual Physician-Computer Connection (PCC) Symposium and Annual Association of Medical Directors of Information Systems (AMDIS) in Ojai, CA?
Stop by our booth to learn more about Blueprint, a system-wide ultrasound platform integrated seamlessly into your clinical and administrative infrastructure. Blueprint can help accelerate and simplify interoperability within your entire care system. The event will feature an exciting slate of talks around the changing role of informatics in today’s evolving healthcare ecosystem!

Bringing POCUS into Focus.

Tuesday, June 21st
12:30 PM (EST)

Health systems are working through some of the most challenging times that they have faced and need solutions that will help drive efficiency.

Join us for a lively, interactive discussion about how to apply imaging governance, if and when to connect diagnostic ultrasound images into your existing PACS, VNA and EMR infrastructure, how to think about deployment in various care settings, and how to maximize your ROI.
Dr. Peter Weimersheimer
Vice President, Clinical Implementation at Butterfly Network, Inc.
Stephanie Lahr, MD, CHCIO
CIO and CMIO at Monument Health

Built for you. Built for the future of care.

iQ+️ Probe.

Handheld, whole-body ultrasound probe.

Compass™ Software.

Integrated, device-agnostic software.

Client Experience.

The people to make it happen.

Seamless integration. Secure storage.

Tailored workflows and HIPAA-compliant storage that easily and securely integrates all your devices into your PACS and EMR.

Ultrasound in the hands of an individual clinician is powerful; deployed at scale, it’s transformative.

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