Transforming care delivery.

Butterfly Enterprise

Our seamless all-in-one ultrasound solution.

Scan, document, upload, review and bill—all with Butterfly Enterprise. Our secure, device-agnostic workflow solution can transform care delivery by providing important information to clinicians earlier in treatment to support their decision-making processes.

Improves efficiency and care delivery.

Simplifies clinical workflows and allows seamless collaboration between clinicians.

Expands POCUS education.

Allows for simple credentialing and facilitates clinical adoption.

Increases ROI.

Improves billing capabilities and expands device accessibility.

Image storage, billing and integration

Integrated, efficient workflows.

HIPAA-compliant storage with clinical workflows that integrate easily and securely with your EMR and PACS, for both iQ+ probes and third-party ultrasound systems.

Butterfly software allows your point-of-care exam from any machine to be quickly documented, QAed, and pushed to the EMR for easy and accurate billing.

Quality assurance and credentialing

Centrally controlled and customized.

Make large-scale POCUS governance easy with customizable QA, credentialing, and dashboards.

Security and user management

Secure and easily deployed.

Protect your healthcare systems and data with workflows that are secure by design. User management and security controls integrate easily into existing identity management systems for large-scale deployment at low cost.

POCUS education

Scalable point-of-care education.

Expand your POCUS expertise and empower your clinicians to make more efficient clinical decisions at point-of-care with the Butterfly Education Platform.


Track and improve performance.

Easily follow and understand your team’s use of POCUS with analytics, to improve care delivery and efficiency over time.

Clinical imaging

Transformative POCUS technology.

Butterfly iQ+™ is a single probe for whole-body scanning that plugs in a smart device and fits in a pocket. It can emulate any type of transducer—linear, curved or phased from 1 to 10 MHz, enabling clinicians in any department to perform the exams they need at the bedside.

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